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Psalms 115:1 Not to us , O LORD, not to us but to your name be the glory, because of your love and faithfulness.

The Bible is full of prophecy. It details horrific events that will occur in the endtime, and ultimately when the final battle between good and evil is fought. But before all this, many things will occur that will effect your life. You need to know what to expect! You may be shocked by the graphic detail revealed in the pages of your Bible. But you need to know!

This ministry began as a prophetic ministry and has continued ever since. The purpose and function of it was to warn the Churches of God, the 12 Tribes of Israel and the world of what to expect, and to explain the Scriptures in order that whoever might listen might be spared the horror they now face.

You have to decide where God is doing this Work and whether you will believe all that God has said. The Book of Malachi describes this Ministry – and no other!

Their pathetic reasoning and their monstrous expectations of God would suggest that repentance is in order. And what do we find? We find that God foretold of a ministry of repentance in the very endtime, immediately prior to the great and dreadful Day of the LORD. He foretold this ministry would prepare the way for the True Messenger – Jesus Christ (Mal 3:1). Oddly enough, this was to be a ministry of repentance – just like that of John the Baptist!

It’s also spoken of in Ps 49. It’s difficult to isolate any verses in this Psalm to project meaning without reproducing it in whole, because it leads right into Ps 50 and the dawning of a new day. Ps 49 is actually the third phase of this ministry: 1. To the Churches of God. 2. The Tribes of Israel. 3. And the world. So here’s the whole of Psalm 49: “Hear this, all you peoples; listen, all who live in this world. My mouth will speak words of Wisdom; the utterance from my heart will give understanding. I will turn my ear to a proverb [parable]; with the harp I will expand my riddle (with harps the saints will sing the Song of the Lamb and the Song of Moses

This ministry has produced more than a thousand pages of instruction to help in understanding God’s Truth. Many people have benefited from it all with a better understanding. But I would mention this: It will take a lot more than a thousand pages to explain to you what you don’t yet know! This ministry has merely touched on the broad brush-strokes of God’s Truth and the fulfilment of prophecy. It’s not God’s purpose to reveal everything until the reality of what He has said is forcefully driven home in fulfilment. It’s as Jesus said, ‘And they knew nothing until the flood came and swept them away’.

Yet it should be mentioned that there are some in this ministry who are Gentiles, and whom God has grafted into the tree. One or two of these are men of exceptional ability, and have knowledge and understanding equal to any true Israelite servant of God. One of these soars like an eagle in Godly understanding. God doesn’t differentiate against any who choose to serve Him according to all the Laws He gave to His people Israel.

Amid all this, others will be accepted as the wave offering in place of the firstborn. This is a different ministry altogether, and quite apart from the Church. In Bible parlance, the Church is the offspring of this ministry. This ministry is like that of John the Baptist, and it will precede the appearance of the Mighty Christ. The Book of Malachi speaks exclusively of this ministry. It’s not a ministry for the fainthearted. This ministry is also described in Luke 1:66-79.

When this Ministry began, the United States and Europe were riding high on affluence and it seemed it would never end Development and prosperity seemed to be cascading like the waves of the sea, as if prosperity was destined to continue for a thousand years. It seemed that nothing could break the power and might of the Tribes of Israel Against this setting, this Ministry was founded to warn the Tribes of Israel of their pending doom and the long-dark night that is prophesied for them. Not surprisingly, there was a limited response to the message, and just a few scattered people came to understand it. And they did this because they believe the Scriptures.

This ministry is like “a voice crying out in the wilderness” to an audience of virtually nil. And the reason is because we never delivered a soft-soap message that appeals to people. We’ve always avoided the emotionalism that makes people feel good about themselves. From the beginning of God’s Millennial Day, and at the end of the allocated six thousand years, “the axe was laid at the root of the tree”- just as John the Baptist foretold.

From the very beginning of this ministry, we were given the task of identifying those who belonged to the devil, and dutifully we identified them primarily through the writings of the Prophet Habakkuk.

Throughout the term of this ministry, we have consistently taught the knowledge of the secrets of the Kingdom- just as God taught me. In Jesus’ day, it was only the small band of Apostles to whom Jesus imparted this knowledge. In our day, it became our responsibility to teach the knowledge of the secrets of the Kingdom and to prove that this information can be found in the Word of God. And this is what we have done. As it turns out, only those in this Brotherhood have understood these wonders which were kept secret from the creation of the world (Matt 13:34-35).

From the very outset, this Ministry has been one of great strategy, just as Jesus’ Ministry was. I recall one instance, which concerned the Sons of Jerusalem, and the discussion that ensued among the Brotherhood over its meaning and origins. I felt certain that all the Brotherhood would make the necessary links to understand how it refers to us. I pondered at length to determine whether I should make the link publicly in an article, and what, if any, would be the downside. The three most important and definitive passages are found in John 6:44-45, Isaiah 54:11-17, Zech 12:4-9.

Our primary role at this time is to believe God! I can’t emphasize this enough! God has declared His hand to you and me and all the Brotherhood. He is preparing us for an important work. If I have not faithfully spoken God’s Word accurately, howbeit in accordance with my limited ability, then why believe me? But if I have, then why are some being derailed by proven liars and deceivers? By now, most of you should be wise enough not to be beguiled by deceivers and manipulators. We are nearing the climax of this phase of this ministry, and the next phase will begin suddenly, and probably without warning. God is calling men and women to this ministry that stand firm and are not blown around like reeds in the wind.

John’s ministry was prophesied to have a counterpart in the endtime for the purpose of preparing the way for the Mighty Christ once more. We are all well aware of this, and we are presently fulfilling this role. Reluctantly, I must tell you this: God will act swiftly against anyone who waters down this message and teaches others to do the same. If anyone is not 100% compliant with the objectives of this ministry, then their future is bleak. I don’t know how I can state it more clearly. And please believe me – this is not a personal opinion!

I think everyone who is being called to this great commission should understand clearly what they are being called to. There are actually three options. The first option is to be a part of the endtime ministry described in Rev 11:3-6. Mainstream Christianity cannot accept this ministry so described here, because these men have the power to kill their .enemies. And according to them, this runs counter to everything to do with the Testimony of Christ. In fact, for the most part, they refute prophecy because it contradicts their perception of Christianity. They’ve replaced it with a ‘form of godliness’, which makes them feel good, but more importantly, it makes them appear ‘good’.

The second option is to join one of the Churches and wallow in their sanctimony until the time comes for God’s instructions (Rev 13:7-10, Dan 7:21-25) to be fulfilled.

The third option is to be a rank-and-file Israelite, and to focus on extracting as much as possible out of life, and enjoying it to the full. Eat, drink and be merry – because MANY ARE ABOUT TO DIE! All that God has said will be fulfilled exactly as He has recorded it.

We who serve Almighty God are distinctive from those who don’t! (Mal 3:18). Our purpose is not to look and feel good – but to obey and believe! It’s very true that we are never going to be celebrities. So let’s leave the pomp and ceremony to others!

Many of my articles are deliberately provocative against the religious leaders of our day, and many are offended by them. While some see them as unchristian in attitude, they have failed to note that Christ and John the Baptist did exactly the same thing. And this is the primary difference between this ministry and those who ling to their own doctrines. God knows that only the true believers, those whom He is now calling, will not be offended , just as it was in Christ’s day.

This Ministry was foreshadowed a long time ago. Those who are called will deliver the righteousness that will bring about the desire of ages. Presently, the whole creation is groaning under nearly 6,000 years of misrule. We are the ones on whom the conclusions will come. We are the ones who must deliver the endtime message that will bring whe whole world into upheaval. The fact that this message is entirely different to all others is not by chance! Thousands of years of planning have gone into this. For the first time ever, the Testimony of Jesus will be made known, and this will detail all that the prophets spoke of.

The real work of this ministry begins when Satan is deposed, and Christ begins His rulership (Rev 12:10) as the Lion of the Tribe of Judah. Immediately after this, God gathers His people (Mal 3:16) for the Work He has prepared for them (Rev 12:14). This is the kindling of the fire that Christ hoped for and longed for (Luke 12:49), and it’s the day that the Apostles longed to see, but will not see it (Luke 17:22). At this time,

This ministry is completely different to all others. Our purpose is to fulfil God’s Words – not our own. The love of God is paramount in our lives. And while many criticize me for the harshness of this message, they have yet to realize that we are entering a new era – a prophetic era of understanding. If they truly understood the message of the Bible, they would know that this ministry was prophesied long ago.

No serious student of the Bible could reconcile the many different churches and their doctrines to the sound doctrine of Christ. Equally, neither can they ignore the words of Christ as delivered to the Apostle John. Under instructions from the Father (Rev 1:1), Christ spoke of the endtime Ministry that would exist in the time of the fulfilment of the ages. This ministry is different to all the others that have gone before it. Even though modelled after the style of the Apostles, because of the perilous times in which we now live, this Ministry must fulfil the desire of ages – the ushering in of the Kingdom of God and the return of Christ. The Bible makes it clear that this Ministry will not be a passive one.

The real work of this ministry is when we are all gathered together. That’s when the power and might of Almighty God will be made known to the world. Christ foreshadowed this on the Sacred Mountain (Mount Tabor – see also 2 Pet 1:18) in Galilee when MOSES AND ELIJAH appears to Him in vision in the presence of His most prominent disciples (Matt 17:13). This was a vision of things to come. It’s on this mountain that God will instruct us (John 6:44-45, Isa 54:13) in what must be done. (The verses in Isaiah refer to the SONS OF JERUSALEM – V11). All the SONS OF THIS MINISTRY are the SONS OF JERUSALEM.

Are you interested in learning more, time is short, then continue to read the articles but be prepared for the truth not what you hear from the pulpit of your local church. But you wouldn’t be here if you weren’t looking for an answer to some of your questions concerning Bible Prophecy.


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